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Welcome. You can call me “Madame”… and don’t forget that the ladies are called her.

You can see my exterior appearance from the photos. Who and how I am, on the other hand, you can only find out by contacting me. For the moment, just know that I am a Dominatrix by nature: I love to control and subdue others since I was a child … and even then I showed a pinch of cruelty. Turning my passion for domination into a profession was also a natural step.

Be careful: I said “domination”, not prostitution. Unfortunately there are many, too many people who make a bad confusion between the two. If you came to my site looking for a whore you are in the wrong person, sorry.

What I do is accompany people in the exploration of their deepest and most wonderful fantasies, making them discover sensations and aspects of themselves that sometimes they never even imagined. Obtaining this result requires experience, intelligence, imagination, technique, tools and above all the ability to listen and understand those who come to me … as long as they do it with respect and education.

I am a certified nurse, so everything I do is absolutely free from both physical and psychological risks, even during the most intense experiences. If safety is always first, I also care a lot about discretion, respect for limits, maximum openness to the particularities of both beginners and the greatest experts – and of course the mutual pleasure of a unique experience.

I live all this by cultivating it as an art, which I also make known through my performances during the most important fetish and BDSM events in Italy and around the world: if you organize similar things we can also talk about this.

And if you are a fan of statistics, here are my measurements: 91-71-94 (size 42); Foot 36 (or 35 when heels are very high); 7-7 1/2 gloves; Socks 9-9 1/2; Hold-ups M or L, because I like them high. My birthday is August 3rd, but I always appreciate a tribute.

I know you still have a lot of questions in your head… By reading the rest of the site carefully you will find most of the answers. For the others, you just have to contact me.

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