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Remote domination

Would you like to know me but you live too far from Brescia, or does the idea of finally finding yourself face to face with the Dominatrix of your fantasies makes you too nervous? You still have a chance.


While I prefer face-to-face meetings, we can arrange a phone appointment to get to know each other, talk about domination, and maybe explore some remote gaming possibilities together.
Of course these are not silly recorded tales but a real phone call with me, during which you can have all my attention and time just as if we were meeting in my office. Consequently, all the normal rules of a normal appointment apply.
Contact me to arrange a telephone meeting, and… see you soon!

On line

Skype, Hangouts, Whatsapp… There are so many tools you can get in touch with!
The most interesting part is that often video can be used in addition to the voice, and being able to look yourself in the eye adds a whole other depth and intensity to the remote sessions. If there’s one thing I love, it’s seeing people blush – or maybe cry! – my slaves, and I can’t wait to do it with you.


I have such a passion for sensual clothing that I understand how much a fetishist could wish to have at least a very small part of my wardrobe all to himself.
To meet this need (and because it amuses me to think how you could play with certain things) I give true enthusiasts the opportunity to get something of mine, receiving it by mail with the utmost discretion.
I know you are already thinking about my panties and stockings, about the scents you might discover, about the thrill of adoring something touched by a Dominatrix … but that’s just the beginning.
Contact me to tell me what more you would like to receive, and if possible we will organize ourselves to satisfy this dream of yours.

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