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If you only knew how many times you have asked me to reveal something about myself and my private life… The fact is that I am a very private person – but I have come to a compromise that made me very happy: to tell the key moments of my maturation as a Dominatrix. With a book:

On Tour

My training in 15 stages

Sometimes I see questionable characters from the BDSM world who present themselves as great experts, champions of domination who say they know how to do it all even if they started a few weeks ago. So funny! It took me many years to become what I am today. Years of in-depth studies and above all important experiences, learned in the field. I made the most important ones away from home, during trips to the key places of extreme eros.

This is the book where I have told the events that have contributed most to make me mature as a Dominatrix and as a woman, and from which you too can learn a lot.

What are you waiting for?

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