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Feet and Fetish

A whole page dedicated to my feet? Sure, why not… You didn’t think you were the only one with this fetishistic passion, did you?
The feet are among the most erotic points of the body, especially for those who know how to use them. And I know how to do it very well …


Female feet are almost always beautiful, intriguing, mysterious and very sensitive: a true concentration of eroticism. However, beauty alone is not enough: to make them truly fascinating and sensual you need a great passion, care and all the attention that is usually reserved only for the rest of the body.
The result is perfect ends like works of art, which literally deserve to be worshiped for the pleasure of both. If you still don’t know how to pay homage to a Lady, I will accompany you on a journey that involves all five senses and that will deeply move us. If, on the other hand, you already know these arts, it will be wonderful for me to abandon myself to your care and see what you are capable of …


There are many people who prefer to use the English name for this game: trampling. I’m sorry for them, poor things… I believe that the Italian word makes the strength of the emotions that can be felt with this practice much better.
Trampling doesn’t have to be a violent gesture: if I want to, I can also be very delicate, as in certain forms of oriental massage. In this case what I like in fact is not to make people suffer, but the very fact of finding myself using a human carpet, dominating it and dominating it from above.
Whether you do it barefoot or with the sharpest stiletto heels, walking or dancing on top of another person is not an easy thing. It takes a great deal of knowledge of which points can bear the weight, and how much; But above all, balance is needed, which comes only from a perfect understanding with the submissive. I can’t wait to get to know my next doormat …


Men are so ridiculous … but how can you call yourself the “stronger sex” if what you have between your legs is your most vulnerable point? Just touch your balls a little harder than normal and you double over, all tears and moans!
The art of ballbusting consists precisely in punishing the testicles as they deserve, kicking them and crushing them under heels, soles and feet. There is no better cure to remind you of the natural superiority of women. And stop shaking with fear … My treatments are very effective but perfectly safe: I know how far to go and I’ve never harmed anyone, so there is no excuse.
How do you say? Is it something you have always dreamed of but are afraid of not having the courage to go with your legs open to receive my attention? Oh, but this is my job and my lovely little feet … I know a lot of ways to get you to beg me to rage like this …


I love my high heels and would never give them up, but always wearing them also means having to take care of my delightful ends with great care to keep them looking beautiful all the time. And then let’s face it: that my feet get so much attention excites me a lot.
I am a great admirer of massages, creams, essential oils, beauty treatments, nail polishes… what a delight! Of course a Dominatrix doesn’t apply all of these things alone but she lets her succubus work. Indeed, I always hope to find a perfect servant who knows how to take care of all these tasks well, but so far no one has lived up to my expectations.
Fortunately, I know I can count on real enthusiasts willing to learn how to make every little gesture unforgettable, from washing myself to cutting my nails. And what are you really good at?


Another English word to indicate a game that has always been played all over the world: crushing everything (or almost everything) under your feet. Yes, I know that you would like to be crushed, but let’s not confuse dreams with reality … also because the latter can be much more fun.
Let’s clarify immediately: for me ethics are important and indispensable, so I never crush any animal, not even an ant. Some things I don’t even want to hear about. Instead, I really like playing with the sensations and emotions that food, precious objects and a thousand other possibilities give. Feeling them smash under my feet or heels gives a very special thrill.
You too can play an important role in this. Looking closely, very closely… and cleaning everything up, of course. I bet you already imagine how.


When you love your feet and legs so much it is inevitable to develop a great passion for socks too, destined to wrap them, caress them and make them even more seductive.
I have a collection … well, let’s say gross – at least judging by how many hours it usually takes my slaves to rearrange it. From the most refined vintage silks to tights in technological materials, I always like to have the perfect variant for every situation, naturally accompanied by the most suitable garter belt or garter.
Anyone with a little bit of erotic sensitivity knows that a body dressed (slightly) in the right way is far more stimulating than naked flesh. And I’m sure you will like my wardrobe too.


Quante volte avresti voluto essere al posto dei commessi in un negozio di calzature? Poter aiutare splendide donne a scegliere la loro scarpa ideale, seguirle in mille prove differenti, sempre rispettoso e sempre in ginocchio ai loro piedi… e magari avere clienti più severe e dominanti del normale…
Una bella fantasia, vero? Ma con me potrebbe diventare la realtà. Non come commesso, naturalmente, ma come mio accompagnatore in un giro di shopping che soddisferà tanto i nostri istinti naturali quanto la mia passione per le scarpe. Trattandosi di uno scenario delicato, che richiede grande complicità ed equilibrio, questa possibilità è riservata solo a persone con cui mi sia già incontrata e con cui si sia sviluppata la giusta sintonia.

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