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By now I know you well, and I know you love to repeat the same questions over and over. Here are my answers….

What do yuo do?

God, what a silly question! I “do” what is best suited to the person I am with and the situation we have created together, of course. There are so many possibilities… What I don’t do, however, is simple: sexual contacts, dangerous or illegal activities, acting fixed scripts.

What practices do you specialize in?

I have always practiced domination, so I had time and opportunity to study and deepen every aspect of BDSM and fetishism. I have a particular predilection for torture, foot fetishism and role-playing games (in particular clinical, those with a medical background), but much of the fun lies in discovering together from time to time which particular situations we are most interested in experiencing.

Can I hope for a sexual performance?

Absolutely not. Domination is an erotic art and naturally leads to arousal, but I am a Mistress and above all a Lady, and I always expect to be treated as such. There are many other occasions to have sex and in the worst case countless prostitutes … maybe you didn’t understand that what I do is much more interesting !?

What characteristics do I need to have to meet you?

Being of age, with clear ideas, respectful and sincere in expressing your fantasies. To get the most pleasure, it is good that you have maximum confidence in my abilities and in everything I do. Apart from personal cleanliness, your physical characteristics do not interest me: what stimulates me is the personality of those I meet.

I have never tried these things. Will you take it into account?

But it is obvious! Any meeting, even with the most experienced people, is tailored to the individual characteristics and conditions that are created from moment to moment. I’m a Dominatrix, not a butcher … the only people I get really bad with are time wasters.

But on the site I also see images of practices that are too strong for me that I don’t want to try …

I build each session tailored to the characteristics and preferences of the person I am with, and always in full agreement. This is why I ask you to arrive with clear ideas: so we can better discuss which experiences you want to live, whether soft or heavy.

Do I run the risk of meeting other people?

Absolutely not: my dungeon is very discreet and I don’t share it with others, so during the session it will be just the two of us. Each meeting is by personal and exclusive appointment to avoid setbacks and embarrassments that could ruin the atmosphere of such a special moment.

Can I participate in a meeting only as an observer?

Mmm… I see you’re not careful. Didn’t we just mention that every appointment is strictly private? Most of the people who come to me rightly demand the utmost confidentiality, so the only possibility to “observe” is whether we would like to meet with your partner or you, and only at my unquestionable judgment.

How long does a meeting last?

It depends on which fantasies and situations we decide together to explore. It starts from a minimum of half an hour for a fetish session to at least an hour for BDSM. It will then be up to you to decide how long to stay.

How can I go about making an appointment with you?

Nothing simpler. Call me with the number in the clear at 340.350.60.31 from 9 to 20 and introduce yourself by adding where you are calling from and where you found my number. Tell me what you are interested in, and once the ice is broken all you have to do is make an appointment (at least two hours in advance, but even better the day before).

… and to ask for information that I have not found on the site?

See above.

What should I do if I am late or forced to give up the meeting?

In the unfortunate case of delays or unforeseen events, I really appreciate that you notify me as soon as possible: it is normal education. Anyone who doesn’t show up for appointments ends up on my blacklist and forever loses the chance to meet me.

What should I do to propose myself as your personal slave?

Probably giving up the idea, because experience has taught me that almost all those who propose themselves in this way are in reality only opportunists and do not have the characteristics I am looking for for this role. It is true that there are also exceptions, but to prove this to me it will be necessary first of all to get to know each other very well through a series of meetings.

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