My book

If you only knew how often you all begged me to reveal something about me and my private life…

Fact is, I am a very private person – but I reached a compromise I really like: telling the key moments in my growth as a Dominatrix. With a book.

My development in 15 travels

I sometimes see questionable characters in the BDSM world, posing as great experts, champions of domination who claim they know it all even if they are still very wet behind their ears. Laughable!

I needed many years to become what I am today. Years of in-depth studies and above all of important experiences in the field. The most important ones happened far from home, as I visited famous places for extreme eroticism.

This is the book where I recounted the events that most helped me grow as a Dominatrix and as a woman, from which you too can learn a lot.

Note that the book is in Italian only – for now.

What are you waiting for? Buy it now…

Is this your way of treating Ladies?

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