Feet and fetish

A whole page dedicated to my feet? But yes, why not… Didn’t you really believe you were the only one with this fetishistic passion, did you?

Feet are among the most erotic body part, especially in those who know how to use them. And I know how to do it very well…


Female feet are almost always beautiful, intriguing, mysterious and very sensitive: a real concentrate of erotism. This notwithstanding, beauty alone isn’t enough: to make them really fascinating and sensuous you need a great passion, care and all the attentions which are usually reserved to the rest of the body only.

The result is extremities perfect as art pieces, which deserve to be literally worshipped for the pleasure of both. If you don’t know yet how to properly adore a Lady I will accompany you on a journey involving all five senses to deeply excite us. If you instead already master these arts, for me it will be wonderful to abandon myself in your care and see what you can do…


Is there any other practice more primal than this?

Trampling doesn’t have to be a violent act: if I want I can be very delicate, like in some forms of Eastern massage. In fact in this case what I like is not to give pain, but the very fact to be able to use a human carpet, towering and dominating him from high above.

Be it barefoot or wearing the sharpest stilettos, walking or dancing over another person isn’t easy. You need a great knowledge of what points can stand the weight, and how much; But most of all you need balance, born only out of a perfect partnership with the submissive. I can’t wait to know my next carpet…


Men are so ridiculous… how can you define yourself the “stronger sex” if what you have between your legs is precisely your most vulnerable point? You just have to touch your balls a little harded than usual and you bend in two, all tears and whines!

The art of ballbusting is exactly about punishing testicles as they really deserve, kicking them and crushing them under heels, soles and feet. There is no better cure to make you remember women’s natural superiority. And stop trembling in fear… My treatments are most efficient but perfectly safe: I know where to arrive and I never damaged anybody, so there are no excuses.

What? It’s a thing you always dreamed of but you are afraid not to have the courage to stay spread-legged to receive my attentions? Oh, but that is my job, and my delicious feet’s… I know lots of ways to make you beg to hurt you this way…


I love my high heels and I’d never do without them, but wearing them continuously also means to have to take care of my delicious extremities with great attention to keep them always beautiful. And let’s admit it: having my feet receiving so many attentions turns me incredibly on.

I am a great conoisseur of massages, creams, essential oils, beauty treatments, nail polishes… how delightful! Of course a Domina doesn’t apply all these things on herself, but she let his submissives do the work. Actually, I always hope to find a perfect servant capable of taking good care of all these duties, but until now nobody was up to my expectations.

Luckily I know I can depend on real enthusiasts ready to learn how to make unforgettable every little gesture, from washing my feet to clipping my nails. And what is your real talent?


This is another ancient game played worldwide: crushing everything (or almost) underfeet. Yes, I know you would want to be crushed yourself, but let’s not mistake dreams for reality… also because the latter may be much more fun.

Let me be crystal clear: ethics is important and unrenounceable to me, thus I never crush any animal, not even a small ant. I don’t even want to hear about such things. Conversely, I really like to play with the sensations and emotions given by food, precious items and a thousand more possibilities. Feeling them destroyed under my feet or heels gives me a really special shiver.

You can also play an important part in this. Watching closely, very closely… and cleaning it all, of course. I bet you are already imagining how.


When you love your feet and legs so much it is inevitable to develop a great passion for stockings too, which are destined to wrap them, caress them and make them even more seducing.

I own a collection… well, let’s say largish – at least judging by how many hours my slaves usually take to reorder it. From the most refined vintage silks to technological fabrics pantyhoses, I like to always wear the perfect variant for the occasion, of course coupled with the most suitable garters or belt.

Anyone with a little erotic sensibility knows well that a (skimply) dressed body is way more stimulating than bare flesh. And I am sure that my wardrobe will excite you too.


How many times you wanted to be in the place of the clerks of a shoe shop? To be able to help wonderful women to choose their ideal shoe, to follow them in a thousand different fit, always respectful and always kneeling at their feet… and maybe they are clients more stern and dominant than usual…

A nice fantasy, isn’t it? But it could become a reality with me. Not as a clerk, of course, but as my valet in a shopping spree which will satisfy both our natural instincts and my passion for shoes. Being a delicate scenario, requiring great complicity and balance, this opportunity is reserved only to those persons I have already met and developed the right feeling with.

Is this your way of treating Ladies?

Invece di restare lì imbambolato, renditi utile e dimostrami il tuo rispetto con un dono!

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