Men are so ridiculous... how can you define yourself the "stronger sex" if what you have between your legs is precisely your most vulnerable point? You just have to touch your balls a little harded than usual and you bend in two, all tears and whines!

The art of ballbusting is exactly about punishing testicles as they really deserve, kicking them and crushing them under heels, soles and feet. There is no better cure to make you remember women's natural superiority. And stop trembling in fear... My treatments are most efficient but perfectly safe: I know where to arrive and I never damaged anybody, so there are no excuses.

What? It's a thing you always dreamed of but you are afraid not to have the courage to stay spread-legged to receive my attentions? Oh, but that is my job, and my delicious feet's... I know lots of ways to make you beg to hurt you this way...